We strive to ensure patients stay on their dialysis medications and out of hospital beds 

The healthcare industry faces enormous challenges in providing quality, integrated care while keeping costs manageable. Working together, physicians, pharmacists, pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare team can impact overall health outcomes for patients living with kidney disease. The role of our renal pharmacy is to ensure all patients receive the support they need to stay on their dialysis medications.

FreseniusRx makes a difference. We provide patients with helpful resources so they can manage their medications for kidney disease and other chronic conditions. In addition, our team is available 24 hours a day to answer patient questions and process changes to their medications.

That’s why more than 88 percent of our patients indicated that FreseniusRx made it easier for them to take their dialysis medications*. Studies also show that patients who fill their dialysis medications through pharmacies that offer integrated services, like FreseniusRx, are less likely to be hospitalized than those who fill their prescriptions at other pharmacies**.

While our patients are free to use any pharmacy of their choice, recently, we examined whether patients who utilize the FreseniusRx pharmacy experience improved outcomes more frequently than those who are not taking advantage of this more coordinated medication process.

We conducted a study of more than 57,600 Fresenius Kidney Care North America patients, half of whom were enrolled in FreseniusRx and half of whom received bone mineral and metabolism medications from other pharmacies.

  • Results showed that FreseniusRx patients were up to 11 percent less likely to be hospitalized within their first nine months with FreseniusRx, compared to patients who were not using FreseniusRx1.
  • Within 9 months after enrollment, FreseniusRx patients also experienced a nine percent improvement in their target ranges for blood calcium, phosphorus and intact parathyroid hormone goals2.
    Our support extends to a patient’s entire care team. By combining clinical, lab and pharmacy data, FreseniusRx transforms renal care, providing valuable analytics that help physicians counsel patients, drive adherence, reduce hospitalization and provide a better quality of life for patients.

* 2015 Patient Satisfaction Survey
** Weinhandl ED, Arneson TJ, St. Peter WL. Clinical Outcomes Associated with Receipt of Integrated Pharmacy Services: Potential Quality Improvement in Hemodialysis Patient Care. American Journal of Kidney Diseases, 2013.