Neal Allison

Neal Allison


“I became a pharmacist because I wanted to help other people. Growing up, I was fortunate to be mentored by other pharmacists who encouraged me to enter the profession.”

Neal Allison has been a FreseniusRx pharmacist since 2010 and has worked as a pharmacist for 31 years. His favorite part of being a pharmacist who specializes in renal care is that he is uniquely positioned to answer questions and assist clinics in providing better care for our patients.

After more than 25 years working in retail pharmacy, Neal took the opportunity to join the FreseniusRx team and immerse himself in caring for patients on dialysis. Neal acquired his BSPharm from the University of Tennessee at Memphis and has also completed the FreseniusRx renal education course in partnership with the National Kidney Foundation and Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. He is also certified as an immunizing pharmacist by The Red Cross.

When he’s not at the pharmacy, Neal spends time with his wife, Annette, and dog, Eddie. Neal and his wife have a daughter, Courtney, and a son, Brian. Recent empty nesters, they are dreaming up travel plans, and he enjoys reading, including an extensive collection of comic books and graphic novels.