Christi Frost

Christi Frost


“I am deeply interested in the ways medications affect our bodies and committed to helping patients learn how to properly take their medications.”

Christi Frost, PharmD, has always had a love of both science and medicine, particularly how medications affect our bodies. Becoming a pharmacist was a natural fit for those interests. She works hard to help patients understand how different medications—both prescription and over-the-counter—interact when taken together. Some patients may not understand that different medications can increase or decrease the effectiveness of other drugs when mixed together, or potentially cause harm.

Christi joined the FreseniusRx team in 2017, and has been working as a pharmacist since 2013. She received her doctor of pharmacy from Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy.

When she’s not helping patients with their medications, Christi can be found enjoying a concert, hitting the gym, or enjoying a long walk outdoors. She also has the travel bug, and has served on two medical missions in Honduras and Guatemala.