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Sensipar® Provider for Fresenius Kidney Care Patients May Be Changing January 1, 2018
Fresenius Kidney Care patients with Medicare who take Sensipar will receive this prescription from FreseniusRx at the beginning of the new year.

Why Is This Changing?
Medicare adds the cost of some medications with treatment services and labs for patients on dialysis to help to better manage your care.

How Does This Impact You?
If you are a patient with a prescription for Sensipar and Medicare primary benefits, then beginning January 1st, your dialysis clinic will provide Sensipar to you and add the cost to your dialysis bill. Fresenius Kidney Care has chosen FreseniusRx to fill these prescriptions for their patients.

Have Questions about This Change?
Talk with your doctor or your Fresenius Kidney Care dialysis clinic staff today or call FreseniusRx at 1-800-947-3131.

Who is FreseniusRx?
FreseniusRx is a pharmacy specializing in kidney medications who provides 24/7 access to pharmacists who specialize in kidney disease. We offer convenient medication delivery options to your home or clinic and flexible payment plans. Explore the patient resources section of our website to learn more about all the ways FreseniusRx supports patients.

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