At FreseniusRx, we believe that physicians and other healthcare partners need two key performance indicators from their medication adherence programs:
  • The program is driving adherence
  • The program is improving clinical outcomes illustrated by patient lab values

FreseniusRx’s pharmacy solutions for renal patients provide a complete view of each patient’s overall health by connecting clinical, pharmacy and lab data. This enables us to expand our view of the patient and allows for more targeted interventions. FreseniusRx partners with Spectra Laboratories, Inc., the leading provider of renal-specific laboratory testing services in the United States. The company’s state-of-the-art analytical equipment, automated specimen processing, and reporting applications provide more than 65 million rapid and reliable test results annually, reaching over 233,000 renal patients. For more information, visit www.spectra-labs.com.

 We use pharmacy analytics for customized data collection and reporting, which may include:
  • Patient counts in each outreach group and movement of patients between groups
  • Patient adherence to medication and common adherence barriers
  • Reasons why patients discontinue therapy, such as side effects or financial barriers

For continued success, our data collection and reporting must always include our clinical partners. We provide:

  • Feedback for the clinics on previously unidentified adherence barriers and side effects impacting treatment
  • De-identified data for our industry partners showing market penetration, drug response and patient-specific feedback