We Work Toward Improving Patient Outcomes through Medication Adherence  

We provide the tools and resources to combat non-adherence to help keep our patients healthy and out of the hospital.

Patient non-adherence to prescribed medications is a significant contributor for increased hospitalization risk, progression of illness and avoidable healthcare costs. At FreseniusRx, we know that patient outcomes are improved through medication adherence.

Our research shows that coordinated care between Fresenius Kidney Care North America clinics and FreseniusRx promotes medication adherence through improved prescription refill compliance for our patients. In fact, 70 percent of FreseniusRx patients refill their prescriptions as ordered by their physician, 40 percent higher than the industry average**.

FreseniusRx provides personalized services to our patients that reinforce medication adherence for their prescribed therapies, delivering more good days. We offer our patients the option to enroll in medication adherence programs to receive the additional support, which may be necessary to follow through with prescription refills and to help them remember to take the recommended dosages as prescribed.

Our individualized approach supports medication adherence through:
  • Convenient shipping of medications to the patient’s clinic*
  • Side effect and adverse event monitoring
  • Refill assistance through monthly outreach
  • Outreach to discuss the medications patients are currently taking and determine compliance
  • Monthly reports to the patient’s care team to inform of medication compliance and persistence
  • Access to our specially trained staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Review of available financial assistance and education programs

** Brown MT, Bussell JK. Medication Adherence: WHO Cares? Mayo Clinic Proceedings. 2011;86(4):304-314. doi:10.4065/mcp.2010.0575.
*For states that require home shipment by law, FreseniusRx will ship directly to the patient’s home.

Our Sponsor Programs and Partnerships  

For patients enrolled in medication adherence programs, we can collect medication possession ratios (MPR), pertinent lab values, refill history, diet quality information and more to help our partners evaluate drug therapies.

In our outreach, we strive to meet the patient on their level by carefully choosing language that educates and empowers as well as facilitating dialogue that provides attention and solutions to adherence barriers.

Our collaboration with Fresenius Kidney Care North America and pharmaceutical manufacturers on medication adherence programs, allows us to:
  • Drive medication adherence
  • Impact lab values to help improve clinical outcomes
  • Determine medication possession ratio
  • Assess prescriptions to educate providers about adjustments needed to effectively support treatment
  • Assist patient in finding available financial support programs

Contact us to learn more about how you can work with FreseniusRx to improve medication adherence and partner to deliver more good days to ESRD patients.