Medication Adherence is Key to Managing the Impact of Kidney Disease

March was National Kidney Month, and the National Kidney Foundation has urged all Americans to pay special attention to their kidneys and the vital functions they serve in our overall health.

The millions of Americans living with kidney disease already know the importance of kidney function. However, many dialysis patients may not understand that taking medications as their doctor prescribes is an essential step in making a difference in their health.

FreseniusRx wants to change that. Our pharmacy specializes in renal medications and understands the disease’s complexities and how it impacts a patient’s medication therapy. In fact, our pharmacists are the only ones in the industry to be certified and credentialed by the National Kidney Foundation through the study of an in-depth renal pharmacy curriculum.

Driving medication adherence is a key component of our work, and we educate patients about the importance of taking medication as prescribed. In addition, we collaborate with dialysis clinic staff and patients to address questions on side effects, drug interactions and medication management.

Check out this video to learn how we make sure patients get the medications they need for the best care. http://freseniusrxtn.wpengine.com/patient-resources