Terry Fox

Terry Fox

Senior Vice President

“Enhancing FreseniusRx’s ability to serve more patients by measuring and improving business performance.”

As senior vice president of FreseniusRx, Terry Fox oversees the company’s performance, strategy, and financial health.

Since joining FreseniusRx nearly six years ago as vice president of finance, Fox has made a significant impact across a broad range of departmental disciplines, including accounting, purchasing, inventory management, business intelligence, analytics, and payor relations. Additionally, he has led numerous business optimization efforts focused on process integration, growth, and quality. Prior to his tenure at FreseniusRx, Fox also played an instrumental role in transforming the company’s financial functions as a consultant. During this time, he conducted internal financial audits, assessed and established internal controls, and built and recruited a robust and highly talented team. These steps helped the company maximize financial outcomes while reducing waste, enabling FreseniusRx to outperform margin expectations and increase the bottom line.

With more than 20 years of healthcare experience, Fox has a demonstrated track record of successfully implementing strategies to drive revenue and profits for healthcare businesses while effectively enhancing operations and controlling costs. Prior to joining FreseniusRx, Fox served in a variety of leadership positions within a FORTUNE 100 global healthcare organization in accounting, finance, operations, and business integration. In addition, Fox managed the company’s healthcare business’ national distribution network, as well as the sales, customer support, IT, and finance functions. He also has extensive experience in supply chain management, business transformation, and optimization.

Fox has consulted with a number of large and small companies, and has experience as a speaker and panelist at industry conferences, where he has provided insights on successful supply chain and financial management for businesses. He is highly experienced in Six Sigma and LEAN principles, and has received several awards for excellence in business performance and team management.

Fox earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and accounting from Louisiana State University.