Industry News and Insights: Medication Adherence

At FreseniusRx, we provide personalized support to our patients for medication adherence. Stay informed with the latest industry news and insights on how medication adherence can help drive improved clinical outcomes.


Preventing and resolving drug therapy problems by understanding patients’ medication experiences (Journal of the American Pharmacists Association)

Understanding patients’ medication experiences is fundamental for medication therapy management (MTM) pharmacists. According to MTM pharmacists, patients’ medication experiences were often at the root of drug therapy problems (DTPs). Learn how to prevent future DTPs and improve therapeutic outcomes through patient engagement. Read the full article.


Improving medication compliance among ESRD patients (Nephrology News & Issues)

An excellent clinician-patient relationship is key to managing medication compliance. Learn how clinicians can proactively foster patient understanding and improve adherence to medication regimens for enhanced clinical outcomes. Read the full article.