Are you a Fresenius Kidney Care patient on Medicare with a Sensipar® prescription? Your pharmacy provider may be changing soon. Click here to learn more.

Sensipar® Provider for Fresenius Kidney Care Patients May Be Changing As Soon As July 2017

Fresenius Kidney Care patients with Medicare who take Sensipar may begin receiving those prescriptions from FreseniusRx in 2017.

Why Is This Changing?

An IV medication similar to Sensipar has been approved by the FDA. Medicare bundles some medications with treatment services and labs for patients on dialysis if an IV and oral version are available. This helps to better manage your care.

How Will This Impact Fresenius Kidney Care Patients?

Sensipar may be moving to the bundle as early as July 2017. When this happens, FreseniusRx will be responsible for providing Sensipar, like other bundled medications, to Fresenius Kidney Care patients on dialysis.

Fresenius Kidney Care patients with Medicare as a primary insurance provider and who have an active Sensipar prescription will be affected by this change.

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